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3M Ceramic Coating

This revolutionary treatment creates a hydrophobic, protective layer on your car's paintwork. It repels water, dirt, and contaminants, enhances shine, and provides unmatched scratch resistance.

3M Paint Protection Film (PPF)

This virtually invisible film acts as a shield against scratches, chips, and UV damage. It's perfect for protecting your car's paint from everyday wear and tear.

3M Nomad Mats

Elevate your car's interior with these stylish and practical floor mats. They offer exceptional protection against dirt, spills, and all-weather conditions while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Wrap Film

3M Wrap

Starting at Rs. 270 /- Sft

3M Nomad Car Mats

3M Nomad Mats

Starting at Rs. 400 /- Sft

Automotive Windows

3M Sun Film

Starting at Rs. 2500 /- Window.

3M Acoustic Solutions

3M Acoustics

Starting at Rs. 6900 /-

Underbody Coating

3M Underbody Coating

Upto 5 years Warranty
Starting at Rs. 2150 /-


3M GermKleen

Starting at Rs. 2500 /-

Rodent Repellent

3M Rodent Repellent

Starting at Rs. 1250 /-

Annual Car Care Package

3M Annual Packages

Rs. 10000 /- onwards with assured Discount up to 25%.



Starting at Rs. 595 /- Sq Ft

3M Paint Protection Film for Cars


Starting at Rs. 750 /- Sq ft