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3M Rodent Repellents

3M Car Care Products in Vizag: Repel Rodents and Protect Your Vehicle

Keeping your car in top condition extends beyond a shiny exterior and spotless interior. Protecting your vehicle from unwanted visitors, like rodents, is crucial to prevent costly damage. 3M Car Care, the leading car cleaning services in Vizag offers a solution with their innovative Rodent Repellent Coating, available right here in Vizag.

Why Choose 3M Rodent Repellent Coating?

1. Targeted Repellent

Unlike traditional sprays or traps, 3M's repellent coating focuses on deterring rodents through taste. This eliminates the risk of harming curious pets or wildlife.

2. Long-lasting Protection

A single application offers effective repellency for up to 5-6 months. This provides peace of mind knowing your car is protected throughout the season.

3. Safe on Various Materials

The coating is specially formulated to be safe on wires, rubber components, hoses, and plastic parts commonly found in your engine bay.

4. NABL Tested and Approved

3M Rodent Repellent Coating's effectiveness has been rigorously tested and proven by a NABL accredited laboratory.

How Does it Work?

3M Rodent Repellent Coating utilizes a unique bitter-tasting formula. When rodents come into contact with the coated surfaces, the unpleasant taste discourages them from chewing or nesting in your engine bay. This creates a protective barrier, keeping your car safe from rodent-related damage.

Easy Application for Lasting Results

Applying 3M Rodent Repellent Coating, from the 3M Car car,
best detailing & cleaning services in Vizag is a breeze. Here's a quick guide.

1. Clean the Engine Bay

Ensure the engine bay is cool and free of dirt, grease, or debris. A clean surface allows for better adhesion of the coating.

2. Shake Well

Give the can a good shake to ensure the formula is properly mixed.

3. Apply the Coating

With the engine off, hold the can upright and spray a thin, even layer onto wires, hoses, and other susceptible areas in the engine bay. Pay close attention to potential entry points like the wheel arches.

4. Allow Drying

Let the coating dry completely before starting your car. Refer to the product instructions for specific drying time.

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